Our Story:    
With a sound that is both traditional and unique, Wild Mustard weaves together vocal harmonies and instrumental conversations on banjo, mandolin, guitar and bass. Songs range from Jimmy Rogers to Rita Hoskings as well as Teryl and Rusty's originals. With a warm vocal blend and an appealing repertoire, Wild Mustard has attracted attention and been a crowd-pleaser wherever they perform.

Wild Mustard emerged from the ashes of a square dance band that lost it's fiddler. Here Teryl and Rusty met and even while they buckled down to play dance tunes fast and furiously, they longed for a chance to branch out both vocally and instrumentally. Eventually it came to pass and they began playing together monthy, driving an hour and a half each way, back and forth between Forestville and Woodacre. Past glorious fields of wild mustard that tickled their imaginations!

As their sound developed further, they began performining for private parties, local radio, cafes and farmer's markets. Today their musical collaboration continues to deepen; they wrote their first song together in April of 2011.

When Rusty and Teryl met Dale at a guitar workshop in Mendocino in 2009 they were instantly drawn to her and Dale thought to herself, “I want to play with THEM!” The seeds were planted! A year and a half later, coincidence brought them back in contact and they began playing together seriously. Having a bass rounds brings it all together, giving energy and inspiration to an already fine sound.

The Band:    

Teryl George: Teryl began singing as a youngster in school and community choirs. She took up the guitar when she was 11, spending every free moment practicing and learning all the folksongs she could find and this became a life-long past-time. For years she taught guitar at music camps for kids, camps for women, as well as offering private lessons and teaching music to toddlers. When Rusty started rockin on the guitar, Teryl picked up the mandolin and discovered her true passion! In addition to being the band's songwriter Teryl is the lead singer. Rusty's neighbor in Forestville quipped "Teryl has a voice I never get tired of. I could listen to her until the cow's come home!!" Rusty feels the same way!


Rusty Cady: Rusty began playing guitar in high school back when that's what kids did for fun. At the age of 30, a friend put a banjo in her hand and said..."Rusty, you need to play the banjo!" So she picked it up and fell in love! In the 80's she played banjo in a women's bluegrass band, Huckleberry Jam as well as a square dance band called Sweetwater String Band. After a 16 year hiatus from string music Rusty got a call in 2005 to "bring your banjo on down to the square dance birthday party" of a friend and she literally dusted it off and tuned it up. Shortly thereafter the Giddy-Ups formed where she met Teryl, a life-changing event. Since her bluegrass days, Rusty's banjo style has morphed into a non-traditional use of the banjo and she is known for making any song into a banjo song.

About 3 years ago, Rusty heard Jimmy Rogers songs as sung by Merle Haggard for the first time and it inspired a whole new guitar style for her and she fell back in love with the guitar, her first love, musically. This shows in her playing. She has recently begun coming into her own as a musician and writing haunting instrumentals on guitar.


Dale Zola: Dale has been a singer/songwriter for over forty years and has played bass for seven years. She has recorded two CD’s of her own songs,The Breeze at Dawn: Poems of Rumi in Song and The Heart of a Miller. She is also a music teacher and leads a women’s singing group called Circle Sing. For the last 15 years she has co-produced with her husband The Great Night of Rumi and The Great Night of Soul Poetry. You can check her out at www.dzola.com.

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